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“The DreamCatcher Mentoring program was founded in 2005 by Josh Silvertown and Beverly Sembsmoen as a strategy to empower northern Canadian high school students to realize the rewards of staying in school. It was the first program of its kind with a unique strategy to bridge the education, cultural, communication and geographic gaps in Canada.”

DreamCatcher Mentoring

 DreamCatcher_Logo_150px_EN   DreamCatcher Mentoring is an innovative e-mentoring program designed to empower students to realize the rewards of staying in school.

It uses a unique strategy to bridge the education, cultural, communication, and geographic gaps in Canada by connecting northern Canadian high school students with Canadian mentors who work in their aspired "dream careers".
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photo_dreamcatcher01_newrollThe Premise:

DreamCatcher Mentoring (DCM) was developed in response to the declining number of students that enter and graduate from high school in northern Canada. DCM founders believe that an empowering and high-quality one-to-one mentorship will give students the confidence, leadership, and skills they need to create attainable goals, complete their education, and work towards their dreams and aspirations.

The Program:

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The DCM Program is an innovative e-mentoring and leadership program that connects high school students in Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and other remote or isolated areas of Canada with Canadian mentors who work in the students' aspired career-of-choice. The purpose of the DCM Program is to provide career counselling and exploration to northern youth. Recognizing the importance of northern values, DCM also encourages students to take steps locally to realize their educational and career goals.

The Format:
The DCM Program is offered through high schools and is facilitated by both the teacher and DCM staff. Students register through the DCM website and are matched with mentors who best share their career choices, hobbies and interests. Once matched, mentors and students will communicate entirely through our secured website, on a virtual e-mentoring discussion board. All posts are monitored to ensure the safety of both student and mentor. The length of these mentorships ranges from 2-4 months, depending on the student's respective school curriculum. There are two semesters per year that run from October to January and March until June.