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30 Youth Awarded CIBC Youthvision Scholarships

youthvision-banner-enEach year the CIBC Youthvision Scholarship program commits more than $1 million to make post-secondary education dreams a reality for 30 youth-in need. Since the program’s inception in 1998, over 500 lives have been changed thanks to CIBC’s commitment to kids.

We are proud to announce the recipients of 2015 Youthvision Scholarship Program:

  • Saher Aslam, YMCA of Mississauga
  • Yaye Balde, BS of BC Lower Mainland
  • Olivia Blevins, BBBS of Barrie & District
  • Olivia Blizzard, YMCA of Fredericton
  • Vea Katrina Capiral, YMCA of Greater Toronto
  • Sydney Clayton, BBBS of Toronto
  • Madison Corr, BBBS of St. Thomas-Elgin
  • Amelia Coull, BBBS of St. Catharines & District
  • Angelica Coull, BBBS of St. Catharines & District
  • Michael Cross, BBBS of St. Catharines & District
  • Brandon DeSousa, BBBS of Niagara Falls
  • Neala Edward, BBBS of Toronto
  • Gabriella Ekman, BBBS of The Georgian Triangle
  • Quade Howald, YMCA of Timmons
  • Shannon Humm, BBBS of Hamilton-Burlington
  • Bethany Jantz, BBBS of Edmonton and Area
  • Chedi Mbaga, BBBS of Toronto
  • Preston Reed McInnis, BBBS of Windsor-Essex
  • Rheign Venisse Morales, YMCA of Greater Toronto
  • Maryam Niaz Muhammad, BBBS of Hamilton-Burlington
  • Donna Pham, BS of BC Lower Mainland
  • Madison Pirie, BBBS of Cowichan Valley
  • Sangida Rahman, BBBS of Toronto
  • (name withheld by request), BBBS of Toronto
  • Shivani Sharma, BS of BC Lower Mainland
  • Amy Speers, BBBS of St. Thomas-Elgin
  • Sheena Stachura, BBBS of Yorkton and Area
  • Luca Whittaker Camaiani, BB of Greater Vancouver
  • Ananya Xavier, YMCA Scarborough
  • Michelle Tyacke, BS of BC Lower Mainland

Congratulations to the 2015 Recipients!

If you have any questions about the CIBC Youthvision program please connect with Jackie Skinner, 800-263-9133, ext. 26 bigbrothersbigsisters.ca

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