Big Bucks Q&A

Q:  How do I get a Big Bucks Number?

A:  Fill out a registration form at any one of our participating Big Bucks locations or request a number online.

Q:  How do I play Big Bucks?

A:  Go to any participating location; take a sticker from the side of the box; write YOUR NUMBER on the sticker; put the sticker on your toonie; put the toonie in the Big Bucks Box.

Q:  When is the Draw?

A:  The draw is every Tuesday around noon.  We pick up the pick up the Big Bucks boxes early Tuesday mornings.

Q:  Is the Draw done from the Toonies?

A:  No. The draw is done from all the registered numbers.  So just put one toonie per number.

Q:  Can I play more than One Number?

A: YES. Fill in another registration to get another number and increase your chances.

Q:  How long is my Number in the Draw?

A:  Your number will remain in the draw until you contact our office and cancel it.

Q:  What is 'snowballs' or 'rolls over'?

A:  If a player did not play their Toonie and their number is drawn, then that prize rolls over to the next week's draw.

Q:  How can I pay in advance so I won't forget to play?

A:  You can fill out the pre-pay registration form online and we will get back to you with a number if needed and a credit card payment option.  You can call us at the office 857-3047 and we ca accept payment by credit card.  Or you can fill out the pre-pay registration form that's in the envelope on the side of each Big Bucks Box.  Put the pre-pay registration in the Big Bucks box with your payment, this way you can pay cash, by check or credit card.