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Rules and Regulations


When registration forms are collected from the BIG BUCKS boxes, the information from the form will be added to the registration list.

A pre-printed tag with the matching number will be placed in the Drum. This tag will remain in the draw container indefinitely. The player of the number must cancel a number in writing, to have it removed from the draw.   

The weekly winning number will be drawn from this Drum.

You can join BIG BUCKS anytime.

Every registration form has a unique number on it. This is YOUR NUMBER to play each week.

EACH WEEK you wish to play you must place a Toonie in one of the BIG BUCKS boxes. The Toonie must have a sticker with YOUR NUMBER on it (stickers provided at all outlets)

Only play one Toonie per number, per week, at any of the BIG BUCKS box locations. You can play more than one number.  For each number played a separate registration form will need to be completed

Place a Toonie in the box for each number you play.

Please write your number exactly as shown due to numbers that are hard to identify such as: 6 or 9.

All Toonies from the BIG BUCKS boxes will be collected every Tuesday between 8am – 12 pm.

A notice will be placed on the box stating that pickup was done and that your Toonie will be in the next week's draw.

The winning participant's number and prize amount will be shown on the BIG BUCKS box.

All Toonies collected will be recorded for that weekly draw.

The draw will be every Tuesday at the BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF MONCTON office.

Winners will be contacted by phone and/or email.

A picture ID is required to collect your winnings.

If your number is drawn and you did not play that week your half of the winning proceeds will be added to the following week's draw

If you no longer wish to play please contact our office at bigbrothersbigsisters.ca or 857-3047 and you will be removed from the registration. Once your registration is cancelled in writing, your number may be reissued to another player.