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Fundraisers for your workplace

 Easy Work Fundraisers
  • Ask your employer to match your team’s contribution or to pledge your team (we’ll provide the tax receipt)
  • Donate Casual Day funds to your team
  • Put a piggy bank for loose change at your front desk
  • Auction a Manager job-swap opportunity (could be for half day/full day)
  • Set up a company etiquette jar – offenders pay between $1 and $5 for crimes like being late for work, answering cell phones in meeting, etc
  • Drink the company coffee – challenge everyone to drink coffee at work and donate what they would have spent on fancier coffee (or tea)
  • Hold a boss challenge - if team reaches goal, boss must do something fun
  • Auction or raffle work perks like a day off with pay, be the boss for half a day, best parking spot, etc.
  • Hold a baby picture contest - Post baby pictures of someone at work. Participants pay to guess and whoever guesses wins a small prize or perk at work
  • Host an office games tournament – could be classic board games,
    picnic games (like 3-legged race), hula hoop contest, parking lot
    golf, D&D, whatever appeals to the people you work with!
Our Next Event

Join us for our 12th annual Golf For Kids Sake, September 8th, 2016 at Country Meadows Golf Club.
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