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Couples for Kids

This program matches couples with a child for a unique two-to-one friendship. Couples should be at least 20 years of age, and should have been together for at least one year. The program provides flexibility by allowing one member of the couple to spend time with the child if the other is not available.

Perry, Terra, Andrew 

The Kids

Couples can choose to be matched with either a Little Brother or Sister, between the ages of 6 and 14, who would benefit from being exposed to a caring, respectful relationship.
How it Works
After filling out a questionnaire, there is an application process to match you with a child that fits your profile. Of course, all of you must agree to the match before your first outing.

Couples meet with their Little Brother or Sister for approximately 2 - 4 hours weekly for a minimum of one year. Outings consist of exciting, interesting, and sometimes, relaxing activities that you choose to do. There are also several fun sponsored events provided throughout the year, such as Blue Jay's Day, BBQ's and our annual Christmas party. 

Training & Support 

Our Caseworker guides all Couples through the orientation and training they need to develop a healthy and positive relationship with their Little Brother or Sister.
The Benefits
By simply listening, talking, being yourselves, and having fun, you will help your Little Brother or Sister improve their self-confidence, self-image, academics, personal relationships, and interest in activities. Adult mentors can even increase a child's chance of doing well in school. That's something you can all take pride in.

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Sunday, November 26th 1-3pm


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