Alex & Madison

Madison - Little Sister
Alex & I have been friends for a year. This friendship has made me really happy because I get to spend time away from my family. We do different things and there is a different feeling (happy) when we are out (sometimes Mom can be strict). When we are together I feel like I can trust her, and we do a lot of things together that make me feel really really really really super-duper happy. My Big is a very special person in my life.
Alex - Big Sister

Madison and I enjoy spending time together. I always have a great time with her, she is always happy, smiling and is always making me laugh. I feel as though we have an excellent relationship. My Little is an important in my life and i feel over the past year we have made a very special bond that will be lifelong. 

We would love to go to a hockey game because Madison loves the Toronto Maple Leafs and I love the Montreal Canadians - a fun rivalry is always a good time! If we won tickets we would be able to ride the GO Train (something Madison has never done) and enjoy an evening in the city! 

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Boston Pizza, Bowmanville


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Sunday, November 26th 1-3pm


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