Thea & Karlee

Thea - Little Sister

I'm very happy to have a Big Sister like Karlee because I like spending time with her. She is honest, and she is always willing to try new things with me like when we went to the fishing derby. My Big Sister also teaches me new things. For example, she taught me how to make grilled cheese. I'm usually quiet and what I like about my Big Sister is that she makes me feel comfortable. 

I would recommend to anyone to go check out Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington. 

Karlee - Big Sister

My match means having someone to share new experiences and activities with every week, and have a whole bunch of fun! Mine and Thea's goal for our match is to learn how to cook and bake more and it has been such a fun journey so far making brownies, cupcakes, lunch etc. together and I can`t wait to continue that goal. We are even hoping to go to one of the learning to cook classes that the grocery store puts on for different age groups! It has been great seeing her come out of her shell more as the months have gone by and I can`t wait to see how far our match will be at the end of the year. 

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