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Other Mentoring Programs

Big Brothers Big Sisters has other mentoring programs available to meet the unique needs of our community. Some of the programs being offered in our community include:

Big Bunch

MarianBigBunchThis fun and rewarding program offers an opportunity to volunteer in a group activity twice a month with children on our waiting list. This program offers a unique opportunity for a volunteer who cannot commit to our traditional Big Brother/Big Sister program and/or long term service.

Big for a Day

In this program an approved volunteer can spend a few hours of their time accompanying a child from our waiting list in a group outing. Outings are organized once a month by our Recreation Association. A child will be assigned to the Big Brother/Big Sister volunteer for the event you register for.  

Couples for Kids

In today's fast paced world we have a program where you and your spouse can volunteer together! The Couples for Kids program sees married couples spend time with a Little Brother or Little Sister doing things that you all like to do. Paint a picture, learn to cook gourmet foods or take up golf - these activities are for the three of you to decide. Spend time with your partner and bring some magic into the life of a child at the same time.  

Contact us to find out more about these volunteer and program opportunities.
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