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Bob's Story

The rewards of passing on values and friendship...


I have been blessed with a good education, a great career, the chance to retire comfortably and a great family around me. I guess I want to share some of my good luck in life. I enjoy being around kids, I coach kids and am part of the Criminal Youth Justice Committee of Cornwall, for that reason I guess. And, my first experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters is Hunter and that has been great. If there were no organization I would see him anyway.

I try to be a friend first, but always try to live up to, and pass on what are my core values. The only difference I feel between just being a friend and being a role model as well is that I might explain something a bit more because of being aware that I am a role model. With a normal friend you just do what you do and don't explain it as much I think. I feel the need to have him understand these values.

You guys are amazing. Let me repeat that AMAZING. You have lots of stuff for us to do and that is very helpful, especially at the start. And, importantly for me, I see that you keep tabs. I don't personally feel the need for tab keeping with Hunter and I, but I value that you do it. I mean by that, it is just so important to protect these kids and I see you doing that. You have it figured out how to do it as well. Well done. I constantly praise you to people I meet. Keep up the good work please. You are very valuable parts of our community and to the kids. Your positive attitudes are amazing and it makes my day when I drop by and we chat. I go home happy.

Being with Hunter has allowed me to be a kid again . . . at heart. He is very inquisitive, wondering how everything works and fascinated by museums and other neat places. I get to share his learning about the world. It is a great gift he gives me. Every time I think about the next thing we have planned, I smile to myself because I know we are going to have some fun. We also volunteer in the events that you coordinate and he always does that with good spirit. He is polite as well.

I didn't come into being a Big Brother with any expectations really. I just wanted to try it out. I have found the whole experience fulfilling.

Big Brother to Hunter 





Bob's Story
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