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Chantal's Story

 A great experience for the whole family...


It has gone by real fast!! They are religious about seeing each other once a week if not more. Hannah calls her and Suzanne calls Hannah so it is awesome!! I cannot stress it enough. I don’t think a better match would have been possible from our end. Hopefully Sue feels the same.

Well what have they been doing? What haven't they done would be easier...they have gone go-karting, boating, etc...Hannah is always looking forward to seeing Sue and she honestly doesn't care what they do, even if it's just a walk, my daughter comes in with a big smile on her face!! I can tell you she is so anxious to have a sleepover...she keeps telling me after Christmas mom.

Well thank you to you and Suzanne...This has been a great experience for our family!!

Mother of Little Sister Hannah


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