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Karine's Story

My life with Big Brothers Big Sisters... 


When I was matched with my big sister at the age of nine, I remember being more than just pleased. I remember having thought about all the new things I would have the chance to do and the great memories I would make. When they asked me what I would like to do for my first outing, I answered that I'd like to go to the movies. And that's when my involvement with Big Brothers, Big Sisters started.

From then on, I have done La Ronde, played Laser Tag, more than once, gone Tubing, visited Upper Canada Village in the winter while they had the "Alight at night" event, go karting and much, much more. Not only have I made great memories and stick them in my Big Sister's and I's scrapbook, I also noticed that my self-esteem has improved. If I were to be asked what's the best thing about being involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, I would answer being a little sister because not only have I received a big sister, I've also gotten a best friend.

I consider myself extremely privileged to have been matched with a marvelous big sister as quickly as I did because I know that there are so many other girls and guys still waiting to make good memories and great friends. I truly hope they will soon be matched so they can experience the same joy as I.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an amazing organization. Kids of all age, young and old have the chance to do new activities they probably wouldn't have tried without Big Brothers Big Sisters. I trust that they will be able to give us even more opportunities to do fun things.

Thanks you so much Big Brothers Big Sisters

Little Sister to Pam


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