Resilience - Key Points to Remember

Resilience: A Practical Guide for Mentors

As a volunteer mentor, understanding resilience and its practical implementation will assist you and your Little Sister or Little Brother in building a strong, sustainable, resilient match. In this module, you'll read about relatively simple yet very important ways to enhance your mentee’s self esteem and support their ability to cope with life’s challenges and opportunities.



Why Foster Resilience in Children and Youth?

  • Relationships matter a great deal to children and youth who are exposed to adversity.
  • Problem behaviours often make sense to young people when they have very few other opportunities to express themselves or get what they need.
  • As a mentor, you are able to influence a child's environment, fostering resilience in your mentee.
  • When bolstering resilience, the emphasis becomes not only helping children beat the odds stacked against them, but also changing the odds to make it more likely that vulnerable populations of children succeed in life.

The Pathway to Resilience

  • Change in one of the seven aspects of resilience influences the other six.
  • Young people are more likely to realize their strengths when the resources that help them experience all seven of the aspects of resilience are made available and accessible.
  • Your actions as a mentor impact how your mentee learns to navigate to and negotiate for the resources they need in ways that make sense to them.

Navigating and Negotiating for the 7 Aspects of Resilience

  • Individuals who show resilience have an attitude of hope and optimism, as well as the ability to cope with, and bounce back from, life's challenges and demands.
  • As a mentor, you are able to shape a child's environment, fostering resilience in your mentee.
  • Mentees need opportunities to make mistakes, take risks, and assume responsibilities for themselves and others. They need your support to help them learn from these experiences and grow.
  • Never give up! Show your mentee that you value them by engaging in activities that are meaningful to them. Never stop trying, and you'll never stop learning.