Obtain Career Skills

  • Approaching mentoring with goals that are more self-focused does not necessarily diminish the possibility of successful mentoring. This motivation often initiates strong, healthy, long-lasting relationships. While many mentors see ancillary career or academic benefits from mentoring, they remain committed to being the best mentor possible, and they create a safe and successful match. It is critical, however, that your approach to the relationship includes a focus on the young person, ensuring they feel valued, prized, and important.
  • Please note: If it is “all about you”, mentoring is not the best option. You must be able to prioritize your mentee’s needs (or the friendship’s needs). Do you gladly make work and personal sacrifices to attend meetings consistently, to communicate regularly, and to invest time to plan for and reflect on what happens in the match? If so, great! If not, talk with your program staff about what to do next, to ensure your mentee is not hurt or disappointed.