Strengthen Social Relationships

  • Even if this is not a primary motivation of yours, check with your program staff to see if any opportunities for social support and interaction with other mentors are available. If these opportunities are not available, perhaps your program staff could introduce you to another match and you could plan an occasional joint outing. Sometimes sharing between mentors – having some fun together and confidentially sharing the successes and challenges faced in the mentoring relationship – can be a great avenue of support. Talk with your program staff to determine whether this is achievable within the context of your match. 
  • Please note: Research indicates that when teen mentors are around their peers, they often have difficulty staying focused on their mentees. Social motivations, needs, and interactions have to be kept in check. As long as you know your job is to prize and focus on your mentee, getting social needs met by associating with other mentors is usually a good thing.