Part 4: Building a Strong Relationship

Motivation, Expectations & Approach 

What motivated you to volunteer? Is being a mentor what you expected? How do you approach your mentoring relationship? Is it working for you? Dive into this module for some great ideas and scenarios!


How are you feeling, and how is your match progressing? Below, we present two scenarios – one where there are some struggles, and the other where the match is evolving very positively.

Things aren’t going smoothly. Your needs, or the needs of your mentee, aren’t being met. Although sometimes things go very well, often your time together is a struggle. You’re not sure you’re having a positive impact on your mentee, and while you’re investing a lot of time, you’re not particularly enjoying yourself.

Tips for Collaboration and Success When Matches Are Struggling

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Signs the match is progressing well. You understand each other and, over time, you’ve developed trust and a bond. You look forward to match meetings, and you feel as though both you and your mentee are learning and growing. There are ups and downs, but for the most part, the match seems to be rewarding, is something you both look forward to, and is something you feel good about.

Tips for Further Collaboration and Success

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