DreamCatcher_Logo_150px_ENAs a mentor, you will bring a wide range of life experiences to your mentoring relationship. Mentors can be a wonderful source of advice and inspiration to help guide mentees on career exploration - at a critical time in a student's life when significant academic decisions are made. If you become a DCM Mentor, we will provide you with a list of objectives within our structured "Program Curriculum" that will guide your E-Mentorship experience.

The Role of the Mentor:

DCM Mentors are Canadian professionals who offer northern youth support and guidance on career exploration at a time when students are facing significant academic decisions. They volunteer approx. 15-20 minutes of their time per week to provide students with insight into their own careers, share the knowledge attained through their experience, introduce the opportunities available within the student's area of interest, and work together with their student to identify the student?s goals and develop a plan towards achieving them.


From time to time, your mentee may ask you for advice about anything from school assignments, career counseling and resources for scholarships to problems at home with family and friends. You can give them advice when appropriate. It is our hope that over the term of this mentorship, the student will be learning, gaining confidence and feeling a sense of empowerment without even knowing it. You are acting as a valuable source of knowledge, insight and encouragement for the student.


One of the most valuable things you can do is to help connect your mentee with people, opportunities, and information that are otherwise out of reach. We encourage you to help your mentee find and get involved in new situations or find new resources. As an E-Mentoring program, DCM is designed in such a way that you can open up the vast resources of the internet to your mentee through your insight, encouragement, and inspiration.


You can be an advocate for your mentee - in other words, work on their behalf to get them the resources they need to resolve issues or problems. You can create opportunities to get to know your mentee as a person. The more you learn about your mentee, the stronger an advocate you can be.

Each DCM mentorship will grow into a unique relationship based on the tailored nature of the program and the needs of the student. With quality and consistent E-mentoring, the student will recognize that you have a sincere interest to be involved with them in the program.


I have a better understanding of the unique issues facing northern students. I really saw how much easier it is in Ontario to accomplish your goals and dreams than it is in the Yukon, where there is not as much opportunity. I think the students gain a valuable advantage in the program, networking with others in more populated areas.