DreamCatcher_Logo_150px_ENHave you ever thought about being a forensic scientist, a social worker, an auto mechanic, a firefighter, or a conservation officer? We'll match you with a mentor who works in your dream job.

Learn about what it takes to succeed in your future career. Find out what kind of education and skills you'll need and how to get them. Connect with a positive adult role model who can help you chart your path.

The Role of the Student:

DCM Students are asked to provide DreamCatcher Mentoring with a list of their top three career or job aspirations, and to list their dream career. Based on this information, students are paired with a suitable mentor with whom they will engage in online dialogue for the extent of their participation in the program. This participation will primarily take place on school computers during class time. With the support and guidance of their mentor, students may also arrange a short community volunteer placement in an area related to their career of interest.

One student wrote: "I liked how my mentor helped me understand myself. I appreciated that she was willing to answer all of the questions that I had about my career. I especially liked how my mentor inspired me to learn more and carry out my dreams. I thought this program was so cool."


How do I get DreamCatcher into my school?

You can participate in one of two ways:

  • Have your teacher or guidance counsellor contact us. We will then work with your school to enroll your classroom.
  • Have your parent contact us to see if we can register you without your school.