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"It provided a window into the world of a student living in Canada's north; I was able to encourage a motivated youth to pursue his dream in the field of conservation. Talking to a young person about why they think they have an interest in an area of work/study that we have in common -- about the root of their inspiration."

"The chance to share valuable information with the student was great (often we take for granted the things we already know through experience. It is nice to be reminded that there was a stage when we did not know certain things, and nice to be able to provide answers). Reading about a student's determination and drive is inspiring. The fact that it is so "easy" to contribute to the program (needing a small amount of time each week to stay in touch) through the website (you can participate in your PJs, unlike most other volunteer opportunities :) )."

"I like the DCM mandate and felt good about being a part of this program. I was forced to be creative to try and engage my student. I appreciated the challenge. The format of the mentorship program made it easy commit as a mentor since it was web based allowing me to have the flexibility to respond when I had the time."

I enjoyed the opportunity to review my own past experiences and to share information with my student. It really helped me to appreciate my own journey from my student days to now, and helped me to remember what it felt like at the start of that journey.

beau_1 I now have an increased awareness and knowledge about Canada's north and its people.

I have more knowledge of the struggles that teens face in the North and a connection with a student who has positive goals and ambition

I am now aware of a very tiny community I had never heard of that has regular kids doing regular stuff that just live in the middle of nowhere!

I was very surprised to learn about the high drop out rate in Northern schools. I had no idea the problem was so severe. It made me want to get more involved in encouraging Northern youth and providing them with opportunities

I like the idea of reaching out to those in isolated, or somewhat isolated areas, and showing them there is great potential to experience the world

I think mentoring programs for youth are fantastic, and this one allows for a broad cross-section of people to be involved.

I have learned a little bit about living in Yukon as well as the challenges faced by those living in remote villages/towns.

It's exciting knowing that the students know they have a "connection" and someone they can go to for guidance. Even if some are not enthusiastic about participating now, I feel that it will help them to know that there is always a medium or window of information to help them in the future.

I now realize that mentoring programs are very effective ways to motivate students who may be uninterested in school



"I liked being able to talk to someone who has gone through what I might want to do."

"I thought it was interesting to be able to talk to someone about what you want to do when your older because they actually had a similar dream to yours, and got the training and experience that they needed."

"Having a mentor works a lot better than an instruction booklet!"

"It was great getting honest advice for universities, summer jobs, and living away from home"