A Tale of 2 Sisters

November 1, 2007

Jacquelyn Ord was 10 years old when she was matched for the first time with her Big Sister. There was an instant connection, she remembers.

 “My fondest memories are those that may not stand out as anything special but they are the instances I can clearly recall. We went horseback riding, had our Girls Night Out and watched movies and ate popcorn, had a Halloween party and went to an air show. I met her family and was invited for dinners and special occasions. It is the regular stuff that I remember—I just loved spending time with my Big Sister Michelle. I can realize now that the consistency and loyalty I had from my Big Sister is what built my self confidence and ambitions.

Michelle and I were matched for just over 1 year. I wished it had been longer and sadly, have lost touch with her over the years. But as I look back at my Big Sister I realize that I am who I am today because of her and my character now is actually quite similar to hers. I am now who she was- outgoing, positive, energetic and very happy.”

Fast forward a decade later and Jacquelyn is now studying to become a police officer. through school Jackie was encouraged to volunteer and become involved in her community. When she took a look at the suggested charities she instantly knew that she wanted to become a Big Sister.

“When I was matched with my Little Sister, I remember the way I felt when I met my Big Sister for the first time. In walks a shy, quiet, timid girl named Nakita. Not unlike a little 10 year old girl named Jackie, I thought. We have been matched for 2 years now and have had the best time. When we had our first year review we both happily agreed to continue one, without hesitation. We do all the fun stuff, like going to the movies, roller blading and going out for dinner. It’s an entire different feeling being on the other side. Now that I am in the role of the Big Sister I have a very strong appreciation for my Little Sister and can only hope that she will value our friendship for years to come as I know I will.

I worry about the day where my schooling will take me out of town and I try to prepare Nakita for this day. Being a Little Sister and now a Big Sister, I try not to take each outing for granted and enjoy the small things.”

Impact of Mentoring