Brandon & Roy

December 18, 2015

Brandon and Roy have been matched in our In-School Mentoring programs for just over a year.

Brandon and Roy have been matched at our Windsor agency in their In-School Mentoring programs.

"The amount of fun that Roy and I have together every week is irreplaceable! We share so much in common that one might mistake us for being brothers.Throughout the school you can find us laughing, dancing, joking, playing various sports in the gymnasium, outside playing football, in the kitchen baking or just relaxing in the computer lab.Roy and I attended this years 1st Annual Holiday Party for the In-School Mentors and their Mentees and it was phenomenal!

I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to not only be an In School Mentor to Roy, but to have met a great friend in my mentee as well. Continuously I notice Roy making tremendous steps toward success and I can’t wait for him to embark on his next journey being high school.

I can't thank the Big Brother Big Sister organization enough for making this all possible. Roy and I have made large and equal impacts on each other’s life. Our friendship is one I’ll savor forever."

– Brandon, In School Mentor

Impact of Mentoring