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What a Difference Being a Mentee

February 22, 2016

How is my life different since I received a mentor? Quite simply, it’s better.

I met my Big Sister, Susan, halfway through grade five and now I am in grade eight. Before my mentor, I was close to the shyest person in my school. I probably got the worst grades, too. I felt like I didn’t fit in and had close to no friends. I felt unloved by teachers and students alike.
When I met my mentor, she seemed to be the only person who understood me. Big Brothers Big Sisters did an excellent job matching Susan and me, because we are very much alike and she is willing to listen. She was the first person who would listen to how I felt about myself and others.

We meet once a week at my school and we talk about things like food, cooking, bullying, schoolwork, volunteering, job possibilities, family, personal hygiene, and current events, and we read stories. I believe that, because of these things we talk about, I am more confident now.
I now bake brownies and peanut butter cookies for my friends and family. I’ve learned to endure the bullying at school. Because of this and more confidence, I have received honour roll five times, earning me a silver medal. I’ve learned to release my creative thoughts.

My hope is that Susan and I will continue to be together until grade twelve and in the years to come. She has inspired me to become a mentor someday, something I would do to help someone else like me. But I won’t have to wait that long. Mentoring is helping others, younger or not on the same level. It’s teaching them, being friends.

I’m so glad I got a mentor. I almost failed grade five, and now I prevent others from failure. I have more friends than before and I am happy. I now believe I am smart, I am pretty, and I can do anything.

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