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BBBSC & Veterans Affairs Canada Remembers Partnership

Veterans Affairs event groupThe partnership was announced by the Minister of Veterans Affairs, Hon. Greg Francis Thompson at the Ministers Commendations ceremony. Bill Adams, of the National Board, spoke on behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada followed by Big Brother Art Rennie and Little Sister Jessica Garrison, of Halifax, NS, who shared their reflections and interest in the veterans contribution to our country and the importance of remembrance.

Veterans Affairs Event Little Brother

The Canada Remembers program will begin in the next few months in 20 media markets across Canada.  Veterans Affairs Event Little Sister

The Canada Remembers Program endeavours to keep alive the achievements and sacrifices made by those who served Canada in times of war and peace; to engage communities in remembrance of these achievements and sacrifices; and, to promote an understanding of their significance in Canadian life as we know it today.

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