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Empowering Boys and Young Men through Group Mentoring

 “A mentor empowers a person
to see a possible future,
and believes it can be obtained
- Shawn Hitchcock

The journey to adulthood is never an easy one but at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada we believe it can be smoothed out with the guidance and support of a mentor who cares and understands.

Across the country, our Game On! mentors serve as role models and demonstrate to boys and young men the value of healthy eating, physical activity as well as the importance of self-esteem and confidence.

Game On! is a group mentoring program that includes seven 75-minute core sessions which focus on the current and pressing issues that boys and young men face each day while promoting a healthier lifestyle through non-traditional activities and healthier eating habits.

According to the Largest Mentoring Study conducted by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

  • Mentored boys are two times less likely than non-mentored boys to develop negative conducts like bullying, fighting, lying, cheating, losing their temper or expressing anger.
  • Boys with a Big Brother are three times less likely than boys without a mentor to suffer peer pressure related anxiety, such as worrying about what other children think or say about them.
  • Mentored boys are two times more likely to believe that school is fun and that doing well academically is important.

Check out our Game On! video to see how you can make a BIG difference in a child’s life:


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