Things do do - Teens

1. Go down to Henderson Park waterfront and watch the Dragon Boat Races.
2. Go and spend the day flying kites in the park.
3. Together, write a family newspaper for friends and relatives.
4. Look up new words in the dictionary.
5. Putt some balls on the putting green.
6. Learn basic sewing skills and then put your new skills to work.
7. Use a globe to locate friends, travel destinations and current events.
8. Make a collage of your lives with pictures cut from magazines.
9. Make homemade potpourri with dried flower petals.
10. Play frisbee outside in the sunshine.
11. Write a poem about each other and read it to one another.
12. Help your Little write a letter to the author of their favourite book.
13. Create a tornado in a bottle; put coloured water in a two-litre bottle, connect another bottle to it like an hourglass, turn it over and give it a swirl.
14. Go on a camera scavenger hunt. Let your Little take the pictures.
15. Stencil a border pattern around the tope of a wall.
16. Take turns styling each others' hair.
17. Make mini-pizzas using English muffins.
18. Make maracas by covering light bulbs with layers of papier-mâché. When they dry, gently break the glass and paint.
19. Using the letters from a big word, see how many smaller words you can create.
20. Use of book of names to find the meaning of your names.
21. Make a delicious cake from scratch and decorate it.
22. Write a poem about Big Brothers Big Sisters.
23. Squeeze fresh orange juice.
24. Roast pumpkin seeds in the oven.
25. Read books about famous inventors.
26. Make a time capsule and fill it with things that you both like, then bury it.
27. Watch the activity at a construction site.
28. Visit a farm and milk a cow.
29. Surf the Internet. Learn about new subjects.
30. Visit a nursing home and read or sing to the residents.
31. Sit at the mall or in a park and watch people.
32. Learn how to dance.
33. Plan an imaginary trip around Canada. It's a great way to sneak in a geography lesson.
34. Build a website on Geocities.
35. Try your hand at some fun and interesting science experiments.
36. Start a road hockey game.
37. Help them create a coat of arms using symbols significant to them. Ex: musical instruments, athletic equipment, etc.
38. Role play meeting new people so your Little will have more confidence in unfamiliar situations.
39. Bring a camera and take some funny-face photos.
40. Find something inspirational to read.
41. Learn origami.
42. Clip and save articles of interest from the newspaper.
43. Play one-on-one basketball, football, soccer, etc.
44. Make a crossword puzzle for your match with clues emphasizing key facts and interests in his or her life. Ex: 1 Across – Favourite Colour.
45. Take the time to play a board game or card game of their choice.
46. Go on a newspaper scavenger hunt.
47. Press flowers and or leaves from the fall to make paper or picture frames.
48. Fix something (a broken toy, bike, piece of furniture, equipment).
49. Go to a volleyball or basketball game at the high school your Little will attend.

50. Watch a potter throwing on a wheel, then try your hand at making pottery.
51. Build and paint a birdhouse.
52. Make homemade ice cream sandwiches in the summer and eat them outside in the sun.
53. Make a dream catcher and learn about the story behind it.
54. Buy a yo-yo and learn how to do tricks with it.
55. Assemble a model or bookcase.
56. Make foods from around the world and learn how people live in that country.
57. Cook - pizza, KD, breakfast, waffles, BBQ, etc.
58. Cook or go out for breakfast one day, even if it’s in the afternoon.
59. Garage saling - see how much stuff you can buy with $5.
60. Keep a journal and write reviews on movies you see together, restaurants you go to, plays you might see.
61. Plant a tree, bush, or perennial at their school or home.
62. Give them the chance to experience the feeling of self-worth that comes with helping someone else. Put together a Christmas shoebox, donate a gift to an organization, join in a school clean-up project, etc.

63. Learn a martial art together.
64. Rent a canoe and go on an aquatic adventure.
65. Explore the world of model Railroads; electric car sets.

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