Things to do - Under 10

1. Work together to create something unique (a clay sculpture, a painted rock, a holiday ornament).
2. Make a thin layer of Jello-O and carve it into letters, numbers, figures, etc.
3. Take a walk together with a memento bag and collect interesting leaves, rocks or junk.
4. Design a Christmas card together.
5. Weave a ring out of grass.
6. Go on a sound scavenger hunt with a tape recorder.
7. Make giant soap bubbles.
8. Create paper snowflakes.
9. Make puppets and put on a show.
10. Start a gratitude journal together listing 5 things you’re thankful for daily or weekly.
11. Plan an imaginary vacation.
12. Learn a few magic tricks and put on a show for your friends and family. 13. Find all the living things on a one-foot square of grass.
14. Make a bug cage and catch bugs.
15. Learn to count to 10 in a foreign language.
16. Explore the attic.
17. Make a calendar of the big events of the year.
18. Start a coin or stamp collection.
19. Get a book of animal tracks and explore a pond or trail to see what animals live there.
20. Finger paint with chocolate, lemon, or strawberry pudding.
21. Spend time just talking about how your week was and how you’re feeling.
22. Build a log cabin out of Popsicle sticks and glue.
23. Use a magnifying glass to examine all kinds of little things.
24. Tape record yourselves reading your favourite stories.
25. Learn to tap out your names in Morse code and to sign your names in sign language.
26. Make a treasure or jewellery box.
27. Make your own chocolates with chocolate moulds.
28. Look in the phone book to find people with your same last names.
29. Build a house of cards together.
30. Go swimming at Park Lake.
31. Make your own code with numbers representing letters. Send each other coded messages.
32. Make pancakes from scratch.
33. Bake and frost cut-out cookies.
34. Have a carpet picnic on the living room floor and watch a movie.
35. Maintain a scrapbook of all the things you do together. Include ticket stubs, menus, pictures, brochures, programs and other mementos.
36. Decorate brown lunch bags and make them into gift bags.
37. Decorate eggs - not just at Easter.
38. Tell each other stories. Start by giving the other a starting sequence, such as "I was walking to school the other day and I saw..."
39. Create a bead necklace or bracelet.
40. Make a vase or decorate an old bottle or jar with paint, jewels, or buttons.
41. Cast their hand in plaster of paris in a pie plate or pan. Remember to write the name and date on the back after it fully hardens.
42. Make Christmas ornaments out of dough.
43. Tape record messages to send to grandparents or other loved ones that don't live nearby.
44. Make a family tree in the shape of a triangle with the Little’s name or picture at the top and the parents and grandparents branching out below. 45. Help them write and illustrate a story, fanciful or autobiographical, that you bind into a book with plastic comb bindings.
46. Make a Mother’s Day present.
47. Make a hand wreath for Remembrance Day.
48. Make handprint cookies. Cut around their hand on cookie dough with a blunt knife, and after the cookies are baked let him or her decorate the “hand” with a frosting tube.
49. Make glitter pine cones.
50. Make a Father’s Day card or present.
51. As you read a story, let him or her “illustrate” it with markers on paper.
52. Plant a garden in a window box. Watch and learn as it grows.
53. Spend time teaching them to whistle through his or her fingers on a piece of grass, to blow a bubble, to play jacks, to make a daisy chain, or to perform any of your favourite childhood activities.
54. Learn a few riddles, jokes or tongue twisters and have a good laugh together.
55. Thumb wrestle.
56. Make Birdseed Ornaments and hang them on nearby trees.
57. Play on the swings.
58. Look through a catalogue or magazine and try and guess each others favourite things.
59. Every kid should have the chance to make lemonade at least once. Let them determine the type of lemonade, the kind of cups, etc. It’s a wonderful photo opportunity.
60. “Fingerprint” your match, using a water-based paint and paper. Then draw thumbprint creatures, giving them names when appropriate. Ex: Draw legs and a head on the thumbprint to make a spider.
61. Make cards or gifts for loved ones.

62. Train together and participate in a one-K fun run.
63. Order sea monkeys or Chia pets and watch them grow.
64. Create s'mores with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate chunks. Heat them in the oven, microwave, or over an open fire.
65. Learn to make homemade root beer, ice cream, or popsicles.
66. Play mini-golf

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