Things top do 13+


1. Show your Little your high school yearbook picture.
2. Go for a walk through a hardware store and explain the function of various tools.
3. Practice filling out applications for everything.
4. Wash the car.
5. Look through a book of house plans and pick out your dream house.
6. Read biographies of people who did great thing.
7. Get a book of North American birds and go bird watching.
8. Write a letter to your MP or MLA regarding an issue important to both of you.
9. Donate old toys and clothes to a community shelter.
10. Teach your Little to use a fire extinguisher.
11. Share photographs.
12. Take your Little with you to vote.
13. Volunteer to ring a bell for charity at Christmas.
14. Get creative with some lumber, hammer and nails.
15. Go skateboarding at a nearby skateboard park.
16. Make a mobile using driftwood, beach shells and glass, small stones etc.
17. Read books written by local authors.
18. Open the hood of a car and point out various parts of the engine, check the oil, fluids etc.
19. Skip rocks on water.
20. Make a collage with a particular theme of interest.
21. Go to your local fire department and learn to use a fire extinguisher.
22. Try your hand at archery.
23. Go to a photographer's darkroom and learn how negatives and prints are made.
24. Teach your pet a new trick.
25. Talk to one another – share troubles & worries, joys & successes.
26. Do something for an elderly friend.
27. Research what was happening on the day you both were born.
28. Learn 10 new words in a foreign language.
29. Ride bicycles in a nearby Park.
30. Make a batch of your favourite cookies.
31. Go ice-skating, get hot chocolate afterwards.
32. Learn how to fix your bike.
33. Meditate together.
34. Visit a coffee shop to sip hot chocolate or soda while having a friendly chat.
35. Research an important event or issue at the library. Tour the big libraries at the university.
36. Do aerobics in the living room or visit a health centre.
37. Play tennis together.
38. Learn about each other’s favourite music group.
39. Play Frisbee golf.
40. Go swimming at a pool or in a lake.
41. Help each other learn how to juggle or hacky sack.
42. Look at new cars - Vipers, Corvettes, Hummers, Mercedes.
43. Yard Work - at either Big’s or Little’s home.
44. Visit an electronics store.
45. Encourage them to write a favourite author a fan letter, which can be addressed in care of the book’s publisher. Authors often respond warmly to such fan mail, and they may be the thrilled recipient of a personal response.

46. Paint an original T-shirt.
47. Make your own instruments.
48. Enjoy a fresh coconut, pineapple or any other kind of fruit that can not be found in the area.
49. Paint an old piece of furniture.
50. Explore different museums, libraries and art centres.
51. Whack golf balls at the driving range.
52. Work on home improvement projects together - painting, wallpapering, or remodelling a spare room. It provides great talk time and quite a few laughs, too.
53. Make a fondue meal or a fruit-and-cake fondue for dessert.
54. Design and build a kite and fly it
55. Cook anything from scratch (pizza, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, waffles, BBQ etc).

56. Tour the city and learn about its history.
57. Take an art class together.
58. Go to an event at Whoop Up Days.
59. Go golfing at a Par Three golf course.

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