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BBBS is the BEST thing that has happened to our family!! The confidence, self esteem and overall growth of my kids over the last few months is due to their BIGS!

Without BBBS I feel I would still be struggling with trying to give each child the attention they need. Now that they have 1 on 1 time with their BIGS, we are able to do things together as a family without the fight for my attention.

Thank you BBBS for helping my family to grow stronger and closer!!

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Quotes from Our Teen Mentoring program in Lethbridge


Question: How to you feel about your Mentor? (Asked to Littles)

“He’s pretty cool”

“She’s nice and talented”

“Awesome. He’s amazing”

“I think she’s real nice. She’s not cool, she’s awesome”

“She’s nice and pretty and kind and cool and awesome”

Question: What kind of impact do you feel you made on your Mentee? (Asked to Bigs)

“She became less shy and wanted to do more by the end. I helped her try new things”

“He seems very excited when we meet every Thursday. He seems to be a bit more relaxed now.”

“I believe I was a good role model. He had fun when he was there. I connected with him the best I could I think we all opened up to each other. He trusted us Bigs and had fun.”

“I think I helped her to see more positive things. When we first met she would always say that her day was okay, but nothing good happened. Now she picks at least one thing that she enjoyed like drawing a picture.”

Question: Do you feel that you and your Mentee benefitted from this program? (Asked to Bigs)

“Yes…we both opened up…Enjoyed the experience! We both let go of our day, and just enjoyed our day together.”

“I feel more complete as a person and I thing Ryan had made friends with me and others in the program.”

“Bonding and have consistency as much as possible.”

“I benefitted from it. I learned new skills on how to handle matters dealing with younger kids and others around them.”


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