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We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

Couples for Kids

Big Brothers Big Sisters has other mentoring programs available to meet the unique needs of our community. Some of the programs being offered in our community include:

Couples for Kids

The program matches couples with a child for a unique two-to-one friendship. This friendship can help to broaden the life of a child and provides acceptance, guidance, and support.

The agency strives to match each couple with a child whose needs correspond with the couple's abilities, interests, and preferences. After a match has been made, the caseworker will keep in touch and offer on-going support and guidance.

Couples in the program should be at least 20 years of age, and should have been together for at least one year. The Couples for Kids Program provides flexibility by allowing one member of the couple to spend time with the child if the other person is unavailable.

Volunteer with your partner or spouse and be matched to a Little Brother or Little Sister. This is a great way for both of you to give the gift of friendship to a child.


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