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I didn't even realize Listowel had a Big Brothers and Big Sisters program until I came across an advertisement in the paper. Immediately I thought that I would like to join. Here I am two years later with a new friend. My little sister is great. We love just hanging out or going for ice cream. Not only does being a Big Sister mean that I am helping someone out and giving back to the community, but it means that I have a great new friendship too.

- Stacey - Big Sister


I have enjoyed my journey with my Little because we have so much fun together, laughing, talking. She has enriched my life by challenging so many of my skills that I had forgot about.

She has brought the kid out in me again. As we grow older, sometimes we forget about the most innocent and simple things in life. She has opened my eyes and heart to the joys of life and the love that a young person can have and give. I wanted to be a friend to someone who hasn't always been able to have that companionship and guidance that is needed to succeed in life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this organization and be a part of someone elses life.

- Betty Ann - Big Sister


Helping and developing a relationship with a young girl has been very fulfilling. Not having children of my own, it is a way in which I can share in the life of a young person. My Little has been a very good match as she participates in many activities and allows us to have a variety of experiences. She is always a willing participant. When we are together we laugh and play and experience the simpler pleasures of sharing our lives.

-  Joanne - Big Sister 


I never could have imagined how much being a friend to my 'little' has enriched my life and hers. We really are sisters. In the past four years I've seen her grow from and energetic girl into a mature young lady. We're able to confide in each other, share laughs and be ourselves. I'll admit it's sometimes hard to find the time in a busy schedule to make commitments, but at the end of the day, it's worth it! She has impacted my life just as much as I have hers, and for that, I'm grateful.

- Stacy  - Big Sister 


My experience with the ISM program was very insightful. I benefited from the program as much as the children did. I learned that you can make a difference in a childs life by just a smile or being someone who is willing to listen. I have decided to continue being a part of the organization because I want to continue to make a difference in childrens lives. I also have learned that work in the social service field can be very tiring not just physically, but emotionally as well.

- Jamie  - In School Mentor