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Big Brothers Big Sisters Month

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This September, we are asking Canadians to IMAGINE who a young person can become when they have the support of a caring adult in their lives.

As we embark on our largest unified Canadian recruitment campaign, we invite you to join us in creating this lasting legacy. We know how much you've been involved, and we appreciate all your support - it means the world to us.

Across ten provinces and three territories, there are hundreds of thousands of youth waiting for someone to believe in them. In fact, there are over 110 children on our formal wait list in the Greater Saint John area who are hoping for their own Big Brother or Big Sister and many more in schools who would benefit from having their own In-School Mentor!  There are also many more young people in our other service areas, who are in need of mentoring support, some on our formal wait list and some who have yet not been referred from their school due to ongoing volunteer shortages.  That’s why we need YOU!

How can you help? Two simple ways really!


First:  Register your social media accounts on Thunderclap and help us amplify our voice and awareness of the need for more mentors!  Thunderclap is a social media tool that launches one large social media push, at a specified time, with one unified message from the social media accounts of all our supporters.  It takes less than a minute to link your social media platforms (Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter) to the #ImagineBBBS campaign and on Big Brothers Big Sisters Day (September 18 at 12:00PM EDT); Thunderclap will send the message below from every linked platform at the exact same time.  Also, don’t forget to share our social media posts throughout the month of September to help us raise awareness.


Second:  Visit www.imaginebbbs.com and sign up with the closest Big Brothers Big Sisters agency to become a mentor.  You can make a BIG impact in a child’s life in as little as an hour a week.

Imagine the difference you could make.

Imagine who they will become because of you.

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Our Most Important Fund Raising Event!

Thank you to everyone who supported Bowl for Kids Sake 2017!  Celebrate Canada 150!

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