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Officers from Kids 'N' Kops

 “Working with Big Brothers Big Sisters on the Kids 'N' Kops program was a valuable experience. Although the program only runs a week at a time it gives plenty of time to see the potential of these young kids. The kids come from all walks of life but adapt very well with each other. Building relationships with youth is a valuable asset and it makes me happy when I see past participants and they remember me from the program. During my time in the Community Services Unit it was one of my favourite events to participate in.”

-Cst. Jeremy Edwards

“I know that the years I have been involved the children in the program (Kids 'N' Kops) and the police cadets all enjoyed it very much. It was always a pleasure to watch children who were shy or didn't like authority figures open up during the week and form bonds with the officers involved. Some of the children even confided in the police cadets about personal problems in their lives. I have had children who were in the program 3 or 4 years ago approach me and tell me how much they enjoyed it. They seem to never forget you. They all of course had a great time. One of the common complaints was that they could only be involved in the program once.”

-Cst. Andrew MacBean

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