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From our Volunteers

"Every week I find that Kaija seems to feel closer and more connected to me. I finds with each week, she is opening up more and talking more. Even when we discuss our weeks, what initially started out as brief one word answers has really escalated into full stories and descriptions." ~In-School Mentor Rachael

"I have found my fit with the organization. Hannah is opening up more and more each session, she is full of ideas for us to do and my only concern is that we’re not going to have enough weeks. The mentor room is FANTASTIC, I’m so happy to be in a well-equipped, dedicated space for the session. I’m really looking forward to Tuesdays each week, what better way to spend lunch hour than painting with glitter glue:) ~In-School Mentor Jennifer

"I call it my mountain top experience. Every day can't be great, but the 1 hour I get to spend with a little one helping to boost confidence, social skills or whatever they need puts everything right! And did I mention - I get to colour!!!" ~In-School Mentor Monica

“Shelby reminded me so much of myself, and somebody I would have been friends with when I was her age. She just made me so happy, and helped me see things from different perspectives. I think it’s truly one of the best experiences I have ever had.” ~Big Sister Betsy

"Chase and I have a good bond, Chase sometimes doesn't mention issues that he's having at school or home for a week or so, but eventually he'll talk to me about it. Paul said he is able to talk to Chase about his behaviour at home and school without Chase getting upset. When Chase was getting picked on at school, I encouraged him by saying "it's ok to walk away, you don't have to fight to solve your problems", and when he was frustrated with his family I talked to him about "always being there for family, those are the most important people in your life!" ~Big Brother Paul

From our Children

"Mark is always up to try new things, I like that about him. Mark is easy to talk to, I look forward to his visits each week because he's up for new things and we always find something fun to do" ~In-School Mentee Isaac

Avery gives her match with Lina a "9 out of 10 because I really like hanging out with her, she's easy to talk to and she gets me". Avery looks forward to their visits each Thursday "because it's fun and I like hanging out with her" ~In-School Mentee Avery

Hayden said the best part about being with his mentor is "lots of things, I can't pick just one. It's everything!" He said that he wouldn't change anything in their mentoring relationship; except he did wish that Ian could stay longer each week. ~In-School Mentee Hayden

Grayce looks forward to their visits each week "because she's like my family and because it's fun. I miss her when we're not together". Grayce said the best part about being with her mentor is "hanging out with her talking". She said "Michele is nice, I really like her". She doesn't want anything to change in the mentoring relationship as she likes it how it is. Grayce told me that "I really like it, the program is great". ~In-School Mentee Grayce  

From officers involved in Kids 'n' Kops

"I have had children who were in the program 3 or 4 years ago approach me and tell me how much they enjoyed it. They seem to never forget you..." [ read more ]

From our Parents

Sheila's Story...

From our In-School Mentees and Littles

Shupri's Speech


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